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Crocodile Trip & Bird Watching Goa

A Crocodile Watching trip to old Goa’s Backwaters full of a variety of coulorful Birds flying and sitting on the shores and a rang of crocodiles who add to the beauty of these places. Going on a trip to spot Crocodiles is just so thrilling and exciting as we all know that Crocodiles are not so gentle and calm as they seem and are hardly seen in open spaces.

The beauty of the most scenic Islands of Goa,India situated in the North Goa called the Divar Island and Chorao Island is famous for its Crocodile Station in Goa. Cumarjua Canal Crocodile in Goa or Dundee Crocodiles In Goa-India is the one of the most famous Canal Crocodile's in India. There are die heart fans of Crocodile who visit every year to goa from rest of the world to have a thrilling experience with them.

Not only Dundee Crocodile watching but Goa is know even as the Crocodiles park In Goa, India and also Saltywater Crocodiles in Goa, India. As in rest of places you find Crocodiles in River but in goa you will find them in tthe Saltywater and their prey is Fish Birds, other water animals and Crabs. They even some time make a point in tasting the domestic animals if they are in good mood. As this Cumarjua Canal is 14-15km streach away so they have very long area to move on along the Mangroves of Goa.

The Crocodile watching is not only the motto we have the most famous Bird century in Goa Dr. Salim Ali Bird Century which is also shown you during the Dundee Crocodile Trip in the Backwaters of goa.

Goa have the different vaiety of Birds in goa specially at the Dr. Salim Ali Bird century which have become the tourist hub for watching differents birds while you enjoy the Crocodile Trip along the Backwaters of Goa in the Mangroves while while watching the famous Mugger Crocodiles in Goa.Goa Crocodile Safari trip is the most enerjetic Trip. Beauty of this creation by a boat trip where you get to see the Crocodiles all of different sizes at a distance.

This trip also includes a visit to the Old Goa which is known as the famous historical place in Goa. A guided tour around all the beautiful churchs and their history will keep you amazed throughout .

Backwaters of Goa Is famous for its dundee Crocodiles and Salty water crocodiles in Goa>

Crocodile, Bird Watching Trip Include

1. Complimentary Soft Drinks

2. Beer,Snacks and Fruits on boat

3. Crocodile Watching Along the cumarjua Canal

4. Bird Watching Along the Backwaters Of Goa

5. Pickup and Drop In AIR Conditioner Vehicle

What To Carry For Crocodile,Bird Watching Trip

Sunscreen, hats, Camera, Sunglass,

NOTE: Pickup and Drop can be provided at additional cost.

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