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Brief About Water Sports In Goa

Water Sports in Goa is the One of the best think people love to do when in goa. water sports activity which people do in goa as Goa is the beach destination of India and water sports packages destination of India. From India People specially travel goa to enjoy water sports package in goa. Goa water sports package and price is sutable for every tourist who come in goa as we have designed it in the combo form and every customer love it as you get 5 combo ride in the price of 2 rides in goa.

When you caome to Goa or deciding to come dont think That whether there is particular season of water sports because goa have some or the other water Sports activity to do for its customer.

Best Beach For Water Sports in goa,India

The best beach for water sports in Goa is Calangute beach, Baga beach, Candolim Beach, Manderem Beach, Dona Paula Beach Miramar Beach, Palolem Beach, Bogmolo Beach, Querim Beach and Coco Beach.

Goa is ideal place for watersports in India. The long coastal area in goa offers a wonderful opportunity to indulge in all sorts of water sport activities. A number of government and private organizations including hotels and tour operators conduct regular water sport activities.

5 Combo Water sports Package Rides Include

- Jet-Ski Ride, Parasailing Ride, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride, Speed Boat Ride

Jet Skiing Ride In Goa,India

One of the most adventurous water sports Done in Goa is Jet Skiing in Ride. Jet-ski Water Sport Ride is one of the most popular in Goa and many tourists try this sport to set their adrenalin rushing. Jet skiing requires a jet powered water scooter that are accelerated by a powerful engine. The Jet Ski equipment in Goa has a power of 100-135 horsepower.

Parasailing Ride In Goa,India

Parasailing is a much sought after sport in Goa. People who love to soar high like a bird and have a bird's eye view of the coastline and the vast sea should try the parasailing sport. Parasailing is also known by the name of Para Ascending and is sure to set your pulses racing when you try it.

Bumper Ride in goa,india

Tubing - is a riding of a tiny rounded boats on the snow or water. This activity is very exciting for adults and for children. Bumper floater is fixed behind a speed boat (as a water ski) and as speed rises if jumps up and rider have a feeling of a flight. Controlling of the tube possible by balancing of riders body due to changing of gravity centre.

Banana Ride in Goa,india

An inflatable boat similar to the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides in Goa. This boat is connected to a speed boat which drives it through the sea. During the ride, the driver of the powered boat attempts to flip the banana boat upside-down by doing sharp turns. Around 4 to 6 people can be accommodated in one banana boat. This is very joyful activity adorable by children and adults, especially being a part of a big group. Riding in a banana boat is considered to be a safer activity than water-skiing or other towed-water sports, and is similar to tubing. It is generally safe to ride at 4+ years. Riders should always wear life jackets for safety reasons

Speed Boat in Goa,india

Feel thrill of braking waves and whistling wind and enjoy excitement of the speed ride in open sea. Imagine cruising at more than 50Mph in the tearing through the waves of the sea. Speed Boat rides are sure to increase your heart beat and people find this activity very exciting so most of the tourists in Goa are attracted to speed boat rides.

water sports season and TIME,Goa,India

09:00am to : 04:00pm We are open from January to December

REQUIREMENTS for water sports goa

Please carry your swimwear or extra T-Shirt, extra Shorts and Towel Sun cream, hats, sunglasses as per your needs.


*(For those who are seeking excitement and fun in Goa and want to do something different can try out scuba diving. The shallow shores of Goa are famous for their rich marine life. Though there are no gigantic coral reefs here, the scintillating underwater life is sure to fascinate you.)

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