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About Goa

Goa is the small state of India, but warn u don’t go by its size . This beautiful land of peace, passion and party is situated in the south western region of India along the western Ghats and coastal lines of yellow sand with coconut trees along the Arabian sea and its red reach soil.

As the earlier settlers of Goa was gawdas and kunbis and that time agaoa was known as Gomantaka or Gopakapatna means the land of cows but with the changing history and people there come the new culture and festival and food and specially the dressing styles. With changing of rulers this small place kept on changing from time to time. And then the Portuguese arrived. With the coming of Portuguese in Goa it gat a totally different look and taste. They brought their dance, food, culture, festivals and with that Goan trade harbor become famous earlier best horses were exported from Goa but now even minerals are being exported from this harbors and lot more. And they brought the transportation in goa and with that the goa become more frequently trade visited place.
The present tourist attraction destination the churches and the world heritage protected sites is the evidence of Portuguese settlings in Goa.

The land of beauty is day by day have become world famous for its tourist attraction destination like the Golden sand Beaches, Churches, temples, mountains, waterfalls, springs, perennial rivers ,vast flora and fauna, the different cultures celebrated specially the Carnival, Shigmo, chaturti, diwali, xmas, Sanjoa etc.


This land of beauty is visited by the Domestic and International tourist all over the world through the year and as the season changes the enjoyment become more amazing. Each season have its different attraction so there is never a full stop for enjoyment in Goa.

The goan staple food is fish curry and rice. So fishing is the tradition of goa an with the coming up of technology people of goa have come up with an fishing activity which is widely offered to the tourism.


As we all know that goa is attracted because of its long sea cost and perennial river , water activity are mostly attracted by the tourist such as scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, water skiing, snorkeling, jet ski, bumper, banana ride etc.

Goa have vast flora and fauna and due to which not only human beings but lots of migratory birds around the world attract the destination for bearding and due to which tourist also get attracted to see them and do activity such as bird watching along the river cost and forest. The famous goan cashew, coconuts, jackfruits, mangoes and the feni the gaon drink have made this place nature’s house.


Gao is also attracted for its island and the mangroves along the river side and there comes the crocodiles, crabs, shallow water fish and birds so to encourage that there is something new which has been started for tourist such as crocodile watching, fishing, bird watching, crab and prawns catching which brings the massive enjoyment to the tourist and a life time experience.

The huge mountains is just making people crazy about the beauty and to explore them tourist go for tracks and other mountains activity. Dhudsagar the one of the famous destination of goa attract the vast no of tourist and people just go on and on.

Goa is even famous for its dolphins so most of the tourist go on island trips to watch them and tell you it’s amazing.So goa is not only party destination lot many other memories can be taken back from here

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