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1 Swimming Pool Training Session
All Equipment’s And Boat Charges
1 Dive In The Sea
Light snacks and Drinking Water
Under Water Photos
Under water Videos

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1. Much more then Scuba Diving in Goa, Goa Water World is offering you an adventurous and professional scuba diving experience in Goa, in the enhance scuba diving package where you will be given training before venturing into the sea.

2.The training is performed first in a swimming pool by PADI certified professionals who will teach you the basics and master you at this skill so that you will enjoy going scuba diving in Goa under sea to have the most exciting and amazing time live surrounded by so many beautiful sea creatures swimming around you and a view of the corals of different types all by your side keeping in mind your safety and a practice to dive literally to a point to see this unexpected underwater beauty.

3.The enhance scuba diving package is for you to enjoy scuba diving in Goa in a much more better and professional way. At Goa Water World, enhance scuba diving your safety is very well taken care of with professional staff who will guide you during your much awaited underwater dive.

4.At Goa Water World, the scuba diving trip also includes a serve of traditional Goan village Food along with cold beverages and mineral water.

Time: 08:30AM TO 04:00PM


Please carry your swimwear or extra T-Shirt, extra Shorts and Towel Sun cream, hats, sunglasses as per your needs.

1. thinking of doing Enhance scuba diving in goa? You must read these.
-Enhance scuba diving is professional scuba diving done with PADI professional staff to guide you throughout this underwater journey. professionals will teach you the basics and master you at this skill in the swimming pool till you get confidence. – All you possibly have to do is be active and enjoy the most awaited dive and the sweet and fun time spend with the beautiful sea creatures forever to cherish.

2.what will I get to see under the water? is it safe for me?
– Yes, it is safe because at goa water world customer safety is our motto, going deep down approx. 12mts sea diving along with PADI certified professionals to view an amazing sight of corals and the most beautiful aquatic life that by them self give a spark to the underwater life.

3. is there any age limit to do scuba diving?
– not to worry any one who is 10 years or above can do this as we do it we professional trained PADI Certified trainers.(PADI-Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The people who have breathing problems should consult the doctor and do it and a pregnant women should not do scuba diving.

4.will I be provided with snacks?
Yes, Fruits, lite snacks, juice and water bottles.

5.will I have to use my own transport, while going till the island?
– we will provide transport from swimming pool that is the dive center to the enhance scuba diving.

6. Is it that I have to go to deep? and who will be available with me?
roughly it takes 12 meters deed down the sea. not to worry with every single person are trained professional will be always available to guide each one of you along you.

7. will I be getting my diving photos?

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